Tucker Carlson’s Wife and Son Attacked by Violent Thugs

Violent leftists attacked Tucker Carlson’s wife and son earlier, shouting obscenities at them and telling them they “aren’t welcome.” Police had to be called, and three thugs were taken into custody.

According to witnesses at the scene, Tucker’s wife, Wanda, and his son, Tucker Jr, were shopping at a local boutique when they were approached and asked if they were Carlson’s family. When Wanda said yes, the thugs attacked.

“They threw plastic bags at her and approached her in a threatening way,” said a bystander named Fred, “The boy, luckily, had his concealed firearm and acted quickly, aiming it right at the thug’s balls. It was impressive.”

The thugs, according to police, are leftists associated with Antifa. Their goal was most likely to scare Tucker’s wife and son into leaving him.

If that’s not the most ridiculous thing you’re heard all day, wait. There’s more.

Tucker also received a death threat from a man calling himself “Jonah.” If you take the fourth letter of his name and add to Carlson, you get Carlsona, which is a rapidly-advancing form of brain cancer.

According to the doctors we’ve contacted via Youtube, that probably means that the liberals are planning to inject Carlson with brain cancer. They have to be stopped.

Hopefully, that is now the most ridiculous thing you’ve read all day. If not, please click an ad and try again tomorrow. Your country thanks you. Jesus thanks you.

God bless America.

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