Teacher Caught Giving Critical Race Theory Lessons on 3rd-Grade Field Trip

A 3rd-grade teacher at Milisiniwannacot Elementary school in Patuckewton, Massachusetts is under investigation for teaching critical race theory to her students on a field trip.

According to reports from several parents, critical race theory was used, without their consent, and there was nothing they could do about it.

Cleaver McStarshny of Bufferton Township told us that his grandson was told some very disturbing things that just weren’t right:

“They was on a trip to that Plimoth Plantation place and the teacher tells them kids that we weren’t nice with the Indians and that we wronged them and stole their land.”

We asked our expert if that qualified as critical race theory, and he said it did:

“Any time you teach a child something other than the stories manufactured by the American patriarchy over hundreds of years, you’re introducing critical race theory. When you tell them the Civil War was about slavery and not ‘states’ rights,’ you’re in the weeds of critical race theory.

“Basically, if you talk about history to children, make sure America is always great, and that anything negative is written off as ‘in the past.’ Even if it’s currently repeating itself.”

That’s interesting, patriots. I honestly had no idea what critical race theory was. So…like…when the tour guide at Mount Vernon tells you that slaves were summarily executed for minor crimes and buried in unmarked graves for decades, that would be CRT.

Is that really how you want your kids to see our founders?

Get a grip, America, and God bless you.

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