Soros Buys Epstein’s Private Island

Save the children, Patriots. That’s what they must do. We thought we had struck a blow against the Democrats and their evil baby-eating, human sex-trafficking ways, patriots, but it would appear that they’ve bounced right back.

King Daddy of the Dems and self-described Nazi, George Soros, has purchased the Island formerly known as “Little St. Andrew,” and renamed it “A-38h-J,” according to the official deed.

What will Soros do with Pedo Island? What do you think? The only question is, will there be another plane or will they use a boat this time? Will they keep official records?

What will be different this time around, Patriots, is that there will be no Trump involved. Last time, there were pictures and videos of Trump hanging out and partying with Epstein going back decades. This time, there will be no such imagery.

So how are they supposed to sell that trump was involved now? I guess we’ll have to watch CNN and MSNBC revert to the old footage and bash him for being involved in what is now, officially, old news.

Soros is in there now, so he owns it all. He is hereby retroactively responsible for everything that happened there, as well as all other things Democrats have ever done, including forming the KKK, assassinating Lincoln, and seceding from the Union and having statues built in their honor.

It’s a new day for them, patriots. Hopefully, we can shut them down and find their new way onto the island.

God bless America.

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