NBA to Trump: Resign or We’ll Never Play Again

The National Basketball Association recently suspended its season.

At the time, the reason given seemed justified, given the emergence of COVID-19 and that several players in the league have now tested positive. However, it has been confirmed by anonymous sources that a league shutdown has been in the making for months and that they were simply looking for a good excuse to shut it all down.

The players, led by Washington Generals All-Star Power Forward Art Tubolls, held a secret vote prior to the beginning of the season to suspend the league for any credible reason until President Donald Trump resigns from office or is voted out. Since much of the league is made up of Hollywood actor and musician wannabes, these millionaire crybabies overwhelming voted to approve the measure.

Tubolls said:

“Our league is the most popular league in the world and we have a lot of teams in the swing states. We know that we cannot directly pressure the President into resigning but if we can hold his approval rating hostage and make the people scream for his removal, that’s what we’ll do. Worst case is that we get him out in November. We have a plan for the rest of this season if we get our way and we have a schedule set to begin on January 21, 2021 if it comes down to it.”

The liberal elite has been relentlessly attacking our country and our President.

First, LeBron James threatened the sit out unless our National Anthem is no longer being played before games and now this. Even the NHL and Major League Baseball have joined this futile effort. We all need to stand firm and show these overgrown millionaire toddlers that they need us more than we need them this November.




  3. What I fear is the morons who believe these depraved and degenerate celebrities.

  4. Please! Do you really think basketball is that important, that it puls bring a president to resign! Your not the only rich people in America! And you don’t speak for us poor folks either!

  5. Fake news. The Washington Generals are an exhibition team that plays against the Harlem Globetrotters (look it up) and are NOT in any way associated with the NBA.

  6. The local school teams just got a boost and folks will stay local for their sports ball from now on .

  7. I believe the picture is “The Beard”, James Harden. He used to play for OKC Thunder and I can’t believe he would think that way. And now since the NBA is asking or mulling over asking the players to take a 50% pay cut that the end result of a cancelled season would involve this because then you don’t have the majority of players behind the scheme. I think John is right about this being, or possibly being, fake news even though I wouldn’t put anything past rabid anti-Trumpers!

  8. I hate to break it to all you little rich boys that play games for a living, but COVID revealed to America what is essential and what is non-essential and you guys did not make it to the ESSENTIAL column. Be very careful doing something that will just give us more reason to watch something else. BTW if enough of us watch something else, your TV dollars dry up and your big salaries will be gone. Good luck with that.

  9. I hate to break it to all you little rich boys that play games for a living, but COVID revealed to America what is essential and what is non-essential and you guys did not make it to the ESSENTIAL column. Be very careful doing something that will just give us more reason to watch something else. BTW if enough of us watch something else, your TV dollars dry up and your big salaries will be gone. Good luck with that.

  10. Really quit!!! Selfish. Trump has done nothing to u!! You keep voting Democrat that’s a problem!! You could talk to Trump, but no wait for the Dems to do nothing again. I don’t care close down!!

  11. “Our league is the most popular league in the world and we have a lot of teams in the swing states. We know that we cannot directly pressure the President into resigning but if we can hold his approval rating hostage and make the people scream for his removal, that’s what we’ll do. Worst case is that we get him out in November. We have a plan for the rest of this season if we get our way and we have a schedule set to begin on January 21, 2021 if it comes down to it.”

    Actually think about what is being said here, obviously it’s a ridiculous self own & it’s not going to work, but just think about it. They’re basically trying to blackmail a democratically elected president into resigning. Is that not an extreme position?

    Also, it highlights just how big their heads are, “do what I say or we’re going to take away your entertainment”. The NBA could be cancelled forever & life world go on as normal, no one would really care, even the diehard fans would happily accept it after a while.Not to mention that these NBA players literally wouldn’t have a job without paying fans, the players owe the fans, not the other way around like they’re acting.

  12. Art (Two-balls) Tubolls? Hahahaha!!!! You guys are great. They actually know nobody would miss them so they aren’t even stupid enough to do this!!!!

  13. I support this NBA’s decision 100%. What a great way to take a stand and stick to the threat even if it means sacrificing their pay for such a great cause. If they and the fans hold them 100% accountable, their decision will help America bring liberty and freedom to all. We the people and your fans will support you with one of many tax payer funded welfare benefit plans…we got you covered!

  14. Why on earth would Trump listen to you? You play with toddler toys for a living.

  15. The NBA needs spectators WAY more than spectators need the NBA. Who cares what these spoiled children think, America has better things to do that waste time watching the NBA.

  16. I have never watched a basketball game and I never will ,What a surprise to support blax you stop working.
    Well you are still flammable .
    The fact is we are broke up and it is time for you to go build Wakanda .
    We Are Broke Up

  17. This threat is a big joke! I would like to see the NBA go aaway completely to get all of the thugs out of the limelight.

  18. I love the The NBA I am a huge Boston Celtics fan and have been since the sixties but I tell you what go ahead and quit I could care less your just a bunch of overgrown millionaire crybabies think you’re intitled to something that your not So take your ball and go home because I can guarantee you most of America could care less..

  19. So if Trump is reelected that means you won’t play for 4 more years. Bring it!! Yes, you guys are not essential. Just FYI.

  20. I think it would be wonderful if you all quit. You think your so great. Sports isn’t everything and most can do without you. There is a lot of things in life then you getting your millions. Let’s help tthose who really need it to survive
    Help those with illnesses, hunger and look ving in proverty.

  21. These over rated over paid so called athliets think we Americans care about what they say when we actually dont Do us a favore quit leave America you suck your race is getting killed because your criminals you dont listen to orders your 14% of the population in America and you do 54% of the crim in the US maybe you need to start acting like a human being instead of a shit bag criminal that has a race card tattooed on there ass you fucking people make me sick reperationa is all I hear fuck you . Lebram James im afraid yeah this mother fuckers afraid for his life living in a gates mantion with guards outside fuck you too Lebron you racist fuck

  22. 😂😂😂😂😂😂… These bozos can’t be… Psssst… Nobody gives a f*ck about the NBA anymore SON… it’s just a bunch of clowns jacking up 3’s, play ZERO defense & half these chumps can’t even make a free throw… I haven’t watched an NBA game in over 5 years…. So good riddance u over-paid(not for much longer) chuckers/dunkers…. NOBODY CARES!!..😂😂😂😂🙄😂😂😂😂

  23. Resign, I won’t lose any sleep over it. Then you players can get a real job like everyone else.

  24. I don’ miss you, I stopped watching the NFL when they got into politics, don’t miss it. I stopped warching the NBA last year when they got into politics. This year I stopped watching MLB for the same reason. Good luck with your future, I don’t need or want to hear your bias anymore. I turn on CNN, MSDNC or FOX for political commentary, not ESPN or Sports Channels. Goodbye!

  25. Do you commenters not realize this is a satirical article? Washington Generals? LOL

  26. This is awesome news!! Wives everywhere are dancing! We hope theses spoiled, self involved toddlers go down with their tantrum ship!. Golf will be the only sport left. Not a threat. We get more family time! God heard our prayers!!
    All I can think is that these brats didn’t get spanked enough! Hoping they all go broke! I bet they rethink this when no-one cares! By then, is too late for them. BYE BYE!!

  27. American Citizens to NBA “You are not that important, nobody cares if you don’t play”

  28. I love it you fucking tell these bitches WE DONT NEED those sports with over paid crying ass hoes. Go walk in the ghettos with no bodyguards I bet you wouldn’t pussy. They can talk all that shit but when it comes to it they have a excuse. Fuck all them bitches kiss my fat ass.

  29. I agree with most you said, The blacks commit most of the crime by percentage, and they only make up 14% of the population, and they wonder why cops eyeball and arrest them more than whites? I’m not a cop fan either, they write too many revenue tickets and arrest way too many people for small amounts of drugs, when will will NEVER win the so called war on drugs. The cops are to bame, but not near as much as a few incidents recorded by camera on tv. Personally I think and have heard the CIA is paying cops to do these things to stir up trouble to remove Trump this fall. The CIA takes their order’s from the richest families in the world ,and they want trump gone too. If we were to dismantle the CIA and FBI, state department, and justice department, and start over with all new people and regular lie detector tests, our country would improve so much, you wouldn;t believe it. Al this rioting is being paid for by Soros and People like Hillary and Obama, and our agencies like the CIA, through the sales of drugs to our children. Yes you heard me right, the CIA is the worlds biggest drug dealer’s. Why do you think they won’t leave afghanistan? They make a fortune for their black projects, that congress won’t fund. The CIA is such a big problem, along with their domestic cousin the FBI, we will never be free again like Trump is trying to do, unless we disasemble them and start over. I could say a lot more but I won’t, I’m a 30 career researcher, disabled and look at every issue as fair as I can. I even voted for Obama twice, since their was no choice back then. It was vote for crap or garbage! Anyone agree with me please reply!

  30. good never play again then they can give back all the fuckin money they make and use it to feed the homeless NBA sucks!!

  31. So no one read the article

    “The players, led by Washington Generals All-Star Power Forward Art Tubolls”

    The Washington Generals is the team the Harlem Globetrotters plays against…..

  32. OK – all of you getting upset – you need to to read the banner which says this is a SATIRE page – fake news. Now, I could care less if the NBA or any sports team ever played again – this is not a real story. Did you read the story or just the headline? Do you see the players name Art Tubolls (Tu Bolls) no such player exists but try pronouncing the name now.

  33. Cant wait to never see these stupid fucks on my TV again. Guess what fuckers, hes your President and will be again in 2020.

  34. BYE BYE NBA if you rather support terrorist groups over police wh needs you any… Don’t let the door hit you in the ass!!!

  35. Are you morons serious? It’s obviously a fake story. This website is a complete Onion rip off, just way more shitty. Holy shit were all going to hell because of you ignorant cucks

  36. Not sure if this is real news or not. Don’t care. Pro athletes are a bunch of whiny, overpaid toddlers, who have, for the most part, no skills other than those with a ball. I’d love to see them have to get a real job. I would laugh my ass off watching them try to hold down a job where a spoiled ass millennial douche tells them what to do… Lol

  37. Pleass Please Please never play again!!! Greatest gift you could give to America 🇺🇸.

  38. Lying and stealing is the white man’s game;
    For rights of God nor man he has no shame
    (A practice of his throughout the whole world)
    At all, great thunderbolts he has hurled;
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    A buccaneer and pirate he must be,
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    The world’s history of him is replete,
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    Not to go back to time pre-historic,
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    Coolies of Asiatics they quickly made,
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  39. Who the fuck cares, Quit. You people playing kid games don’t pay my bills and I don’t need you so go find a normal job.

  40. What utter nonsense! Blacks have captured and enslaved MILLIONS more whites than the reverse.

    Who exactly was it the fought and died to stop slavery in America? Oh that’s right, about half a million white Republicans who had nothing to gain by it but staying true to their beliefs.

    While “white” Europe and America outlawed slavery, Africans and Middle Easterners and Asians CONTINUED – and continue to this very day – to practice slavery against their OWN people as well as people from other lands. My ancestors were slaves somewhere along the line – do I get reparations?

    The poorest blacks and Hispanics in America are profoundly richer than the vast majority of those living in their ancestral countries.

    No white racist is running around forcing black kids to drop out of school. No white racist is forcing 75% of black women to have their children out of wedlock (which is the single largest determination of whether a child will be poor, do drugs, commit crime or end up in jail!)
    White racists aren’t going into black neighborhoods and shooting little kids on their front porches.

    All of those actions are individual choices that have consequences.

    And if it’s all about being white, why do black West Indians do better here than black Americans? Why do black East Indians out-earn Whites in America? Why do Asians out-earn whites in America?

    This has NOTHING to do with racism and skin color – it’s all about what each community is willing to accept and embrace. The black community has made fatherlessness “normal” and even expected – and with it, all the accompanying problems.

    The Asian community has made stable families and driving scholastic ambition and achievement their “normal” and expected – with all the accompanying benefits.

    Get off the victimhood plantation – accept that in 2020, the only thing holding you back is yourself and your own choices and get busy accomplishing something instead of whining about the past.

  41. Come on people!! This is a SATIRE site; with stories written to get people to over-react and take it all in as truth! It is run by Liberal Trolls.

  42. You sorry excuses for people need spaces like this. And 2 facts.

    1. Most of the crime committed in America is by White people.

    2. The NBA is global not just in the USA.

    Research you pieces of shit.

  43. It is absolutely sad you attack a person because they can’t spell and you call them a racist most of the athletes in the NBA the NFL hockey are overpaid over coddled over glorified pieces of garbage who only do something for the public when the cameras are on perfect example Cam Newton in the NFL he’s a jackass when there’s no camera around but when there’s a camera around he’s always got a handicapped child somewhere near him people like you are a joke how many stacks of race cards do you have sitting in your house right now so you can throw one at somebody whenever they do anyting then they want to talk about white people being culture vultures let’s talk about people of African American descent with blond hair blue eyes green eyes whatever other than what they were born with that’s culture vultures they talked about how we have wanted to be black all our lives now most of the time it’s the other way around you want to talk about white privilege where is my White Privilege I’ve been out of work for over year where is my white privilege I bet you sure as hell enjoyed it when you got that $1,200 check in the mail didn’t and you cut your hand out ready for another one so before you want to attack somebody because of the way they spell walk a mile in someone else’s shoes other than the ones black lives you’re a you’re a you believe

  44. Lmao, fact 50% of all violent crimes in America are committed by only 7% of the population which is black males.

  45. The FUCK does ANY of that shit have to do with N O W? NADDA!!! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  46. All you are is a bunch of self centered, smartass entertainers! You think your job is essential??? Well it’s NOT!!! There are people that have lost their businesses due to this COVID-19 shutdown…some that opened back up only to be shut down again by the riots and looters setting cities on fire and destroying everything in sight. These are the ones you overpaid entertainers so gallantly support. You all make millions every year and now you’re holding the few that actually watch professional sports feet to the fire until they say “ok we will vote the way YOU WANT US TO”. Ha ! Look at the ratings for the NBA…it ain’t that good!!! You PAID ATHLETES should learn some RESPECT for our Vets. You all make me sick. I would rather go to a Trump rally than look at a bunch of titbag whiners any day of the week! So don’t think you’re going to control us!!! We won’t miss basketball, that’s a FACT!!

  47. Well let the crybaby, way, way overpaid premadonnas get a job scrubbing toilets or bagging groceries. They are useless anyway. I hope nobody ever goes to another NBA game. And if the NFL kneels during the national anthem, or plays “The Black National Anthem” before the real National Anthem; they are all useless turds as well. In this country, we are one nation and one people; and there should only be one National Anthem. So now every race should have their own National Anthem? Well, everyone except white people, of course….. because that would be racist if they had one. What absolute bull crap.

  48. Oh no not going to play a children’s game for millions of dollars? Ok, just go away losers hope you all go broke.

  49. Oh no what ever shall we do? How will we go on? Seriously dude… so 800,000 plus children go missing YEARLY just in America & YOU are using YOUR PRIVELGE / PLATFORM & Perfect opportunity and window to really make a difference to make it about yourself by denying our honorable POTUS your presence… hahahaaa seriously ya need to get over yourself all of you athletes… Children are being abducted and violently raped abused sold and parted out like a car & you think he & the rest of us are worried about seeing you bounce your ball that you are really dropping here. WOW! Did you read that number of missing kids? Where the F is your outrage for that? You are using your privilege to praise a criminal that was about to assault the woman he already allegedly raped, her cousin said she was petrified that’s why the cops were there … where’s your outrage for her? So, you’re choosing a criminal over extremely abused and trafficked children? Says a lot about you dude. I mean your FN character speaks so loud no one can hear a word you say. And no shame, selfish much. Selfishness run amuck… shame on you. No one is going to watch your sports anymore … really think about getting over yourself. makes me sick to my stomach.

  50. Hey dumbass stop it you are not a victim unless you want to pretend to be, that’s on you. Wake up, you’re a slave right now dude! We all are & have been for decades & the only man that’s willing to step up and free our ass is the one you want to defame & drag through the mud? democrats wanted to keep slave republics unanimously voted to free slaves back then. Not to mention other races were also enslaved long ago as well Irish people my ancestors you don’t catch me defaming and blaming an entire race for what happened long ago? You’re a slave right now and obvious because you don’t even know that you are. You need to get your History right for one pick up a damn book and educate yourself. You know what’s more important than you? almost one million children are abducted, raped, abused, sodomized, sacrificed or drained of their blood to bottle & sell as a richman’s drug of choice then part them out like a fucking car for epic amounts of money YEARLY! The others wait in filthy cages wondering if they are next you arrogant self absorbed fool. Where’s your OUTRAGE for them? WHERE!? Shove your ridiculous lyrics up your ass, get an education say a prayer, do something besides project. Stop crying or cry me a river. Disgusting.

  51. Gerald, that’s 13.4% of US population and going down, they keep aborting themselves, faster than they reproduce….They get slaughter in the Democrat Drug World, by design, and then they kill each other over drug control in the inner cities. There are about 44 million Black Americans in the US, they have aborted over 22 million in the past 50 years. That why the Democrats created abortion to begin with, to control Black American population.

  52. Jsog….You millenials need to get educated, not mis-educated. without a doubt the dumbest generation in US History. And you were mis taught on purpose by those Communist Democrats.

  53. Go ahead and quit nobody gives a shit what you think, take your fuckin ball and go home. Let’s see how long you last before you come running back saying you can’t afford to sit out. Or better yet go play in China they can have you!!!

  54. I think you don’t know what you are talking about. My son is a cop and a good one. Walk in their shoes for a few days. Cops aren’t in it for the money because they sure don’t get hazard pay.

  55. If I could change the fact that you were enslaved I would do it. I know it was a horrible stain on our history. I had nothing to do with it and I can’t change it. All we can do is learn from our mistakes.

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