President Trump wasn’t kidding when he called for NBC to fire Debra Messing. Today, after being told they would be subject to a massive audit and review of their entire operation by the FCC, the IRS, and the FDIC, Program Director Art Tubolls announced that the network would do as told and let the actress go:

“NBC isn’t interested in engaging in a debate with this country’s leader. He is apparently very dear to most, and the chancellor of values to an entire generation lost to time.

For that reason, we will respect the wishes of that dear, dear leader and schedule our programming and staff more to his liking.”

The White House said they viewed the statement with “a grain of salt” and noted that they had “seen what they did there.” White House Director of Information and Propaganda, Commander Christopher Blair, says the President is very pleased with the outcome:

“It’s simple, really. Roseanne was fired because she said something racist. Debra Messing said that black people have a ‘mental illness.‘ That’s exactly the same thing. President Trump made it clear that he would press the issue and use all of the power at his disposal to make sure the American people got exactly what the American people want, which, for the next 7 to 10 years, will be whatever Donald Trump wants.”

The statements clashed a bit but in the end, the result was the same. Messing lost a job and an entire season of a sitcom, costing her nearly $600 million. Will McCormack, the show’s other main character, vowed to go on, possibly moving in with Jack and having Karen’s love child. NBC says it has little hope of the show surviving past the first 2 or 3 episodes.

That’s what happens, folks when you oppose raw power in its truest form. The founders wrote our laws so that one day when everything is about to fall apart and “diversity” begins to be a thing, we can always count on the Donald Trumps to save our butts.


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