When was the last time you heard the name “Tony Danza?” His career hasn’t exactly been high-profile. He’s about on the same level as Scott Baio or Kevin Sorbo, without the annoying ranting.

At nearly 75, Danza had yet another chance to hit it big with the only major role of his career, “Tony” from “Who’s the Boss.”

Unfortunately, Alyssa Milano took that chance away with her leftist antics and extremist politics.

“She got the reboot canceled,” said Danza, “and now I’m stuck doing promotional appearances for ribbon cuttings at meat markets. Half the people think I’m Alo from Happy Days. This was my shot.”

Danza says he loves Milano, but he has no choice but to file a suit to protect his financial interests. “I’m on a fixed income,” he said, “she’s still raking it in somehow.”

Milano says she’s happy to settle with Danza. “I can also offer him a job. He can come play Tony at my house and I’ll get some of those adoption kids from a poor country. Little M’nuk Nuk will love him”

As always, her answer is some form of a cry for social justice. It’s unfortunate that she can’t just be a normal extremely attractive woman. God bless America.



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