The Supreme Court is merely a tool of the Executive Branch of government, a fact clearly laid out in the Constitution. This means that they are to support the President in his every decision, and they are certainly not to make political statements against the President from the bench.

Apparently they’ve forgotten their oath because this is exactly what they did. The Supreme Court, including Supreme Justice John Roberts, has ruled against the President, dealing him a stunning blow. But as always, Trump has an ace up his sleeve.

President Trump announced today that he will launch an impeachment investigation into Roberts. This is possible through an obscure section of the Constitution, Judicial Subsection 22A.

Here is what Trump told the Dunning-Kruger Times today:

“The Supreme Court is a deep state hoax. It’s full of Obama judges. All of them are Obama judges and they don’t like me. Many people tell me they don’t like me, so you have to take their word for it. These are some people that know what they’re talking about. Tremendous people. And if they say it’s a deep state Obama court, I will believe them.”

Constitutional Law Professor, Joe Barron, agrees with the President:

“I mean he is the Commander-in-Chief. That means he is in command and therefore he can do whatever he wants. It’s in the Constitution in Judicial Subsection 22-A. Everyone knows that. I suggest the Democrats try reading it some time.”

This is exactly what President Trump needs to do. He needs to clear out the deep state from all branches of government. Only then will we be free.


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