When you’re in Las Vegas, there are two things — besides gambling — that most people enjoy: Eating and drinking. In a civilized society, people can go to a nice place with friends, enjoy a few cocktails, have a meal, and bask in the comfort of the company of friends or family.

And then there’s Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce.

They showed up at Hell’s Kitchen Las Vegas and demanded a table, even though the restaurant books out months in advance. One couple offered theirs for an autograph, and before long, the night became the Taylor show.

She sat down with her beau and five of their friends and proceeded to treat the place like it was the living room of her Manhattan penthouse. Maitre De Joe Barron was so flustered he called Chef Ramsay himself.

“Chef came down from his suite at Caesar’s and he was not happy,” said Barron, “He walked right over to the table and the laughter stopped. They all looked at Chef while he yelled obscenities at them and then, about three seconds after he was done, they all burst into laughter at the same time. Taylor asked if they were on camera. That’s when Chef had them tazed and dropped on the sidewalk.”

We asked the management at Caesar’s for a statement, since things are always hush-hush at Hell’s Kitchen, and they told us we should go to the sports book and ask them. We got 70-to-one odds that it never happened, which is still better than the odds of the Patriots winning another Super Bowl before 2030.

This reporter put down a 20 spot. And another 20 on 46. God Bless America.

Reprinted with permission from The Dunning Kruger Times


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