Rachel Maddow needs a new hobby. With her career in ruins and no prospects on the horizon, she’s decided to glom on to Elon Musk and the Twitter “scandal,” months after anyone stopped caring.

Maddow filed a $4 million suit against Musk and Twitter for “mental duress.”

“He took away my safe space,” Maddow told Alyssa Milano on “The Talk,” “Twitter was where I went to express myself and sometimes to cry with my friends and fans.” She and Milano then spent a solid 30 seconds hugging and crying live on the air, which was a bit over-the-top, especially since Maddow is a lesbian.

“Too many people who have watched this woman since they were pre-pubescent kids have waited decades for a moment like that, and they send in Rachel Maddow? Was Portia DeRossi not available?”

The left’s response was typical, of course. They ate the whole scene up and donated more than $3 million to the former MSNBC host so she can stay unemployed and “continue to heal.”

On the flip side. the Roseanne multiverse is coming along nicely. Depending on which dimension you’re currently following, there’s a good chance you’ll hear the news that Dennis Miller will be joining her for the new talk show.

It’s good to see that as liberals fall, they’re steadily being replaced by talented, open-minded conservatives like Roseanne. God Bless America.


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