The liberal jerk behind the “Presidential Seal” prank has been identified, arrested, and charged with four felonies. Secret Service agents say Art Tubolls, the noted architect of the Clinton Foundation’s drug and slavery empire, hired a young kid to do his bidding:

“Tubolls grabbed this poor kid Sandy and made her do things she never would have done on her own. He convinced her that she needed to put that image on the screen, because the world really just needs to laugh at Donald Trump.”

Sandy Batt, 23, was charged with two counts of intentional humiliation of the President, one count of using digital technology to mock and humiliate the President and one count of conspiracy to publicly harm the President’s image. All three crimes and all 4 counts are felonies under Executive Order E1970J7, signed by President Trump shortly after he took office.

Ms. Batt and her co-conspirator, Tubolls, will most likely spend the next 20 years lamenting their decisions in a black-site prison designed especially for dissenters like them. This is Trump’s America. We don’t disrespect the President or the Office.

President Trump says while he holds no ill-will towards the “stupid little Democrap,” he looks forward to seeing her life and career ruined. “When you make dumb choices in life,” said the President, “you have to pay the pie of piper.”

This right here is exactly why we need four more years of Trump. If he can stop people from disagreeing with those of us who matter most to us, our country will be in great shape.


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