Paramount has canceled an upcoming biopic scheduled for next year about Garth Brooks. The singer was slated to appear in interview segments throughout the six-part miniseries with an estimated payday of roughly $25 million.

“He’s lost his audience,” said Paramount Production Manager Joe Barron, “We’re not convinced the show would get the ratings necessary to cover the cost.”

It’s a valid concern. Brooks has been toxic ever since he called his own fans “a-holes” and backed Bud Light. He was immediately shunned by Kid Rock, which is the kiss of death for any musical career these days.

In the following days, Garth had to cancel his bar’s opening after all the investors pulled out, and he lost a lucrative record deal with Capitol. His own label seemed unaffected, but there were no reports of it signing him for anything new.

Just about everyone joined in. When he took the stage unexpectedly in Hambriston, Texas, everyone including Governor Greg Abbott booed him until he left in tears.

That’s what happens, patriots. When someone does or says something that doesn’t go over well on MAGA Twitter, otherwise known as the cesspool that is X, they pay the price. Just look at poor Megan Rapinoe or Lia Thomas. Their lives are in ruins as far as a bunch of really gullible potatoes are concerned, which has to keep them up at night.

When will people learn that “go woke go broke” is real? God bless America.

reprinted with permission from The Dunning Kruger Times


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