The success of Michelle Obama’s autobiography, “Becoming”, earlier this year was immediately suspicious to most. Never what one would consider to be “popular” amongst any group of people, anywhere in the world, she suddenly skyrocketed to the top of the bestseller list, seeming to indicate that she was beloved by all. To date, the book has sold over 300 million copies worldwide and is on the verge of setting all time sales records. Soon it will outsell the Holy Bible and be the most popular book in human history.

But the suspicions that many in publishing felt with regards to these sales were reported and the FBI began to dig. What they found is shaking the foundations of the publishing world.

It’s “becoming” quite evident that the Obamas are crooks.

Michelle Obama’s book was nothing more than a scam. This is quite evident to anybody who actually opened it up as it consists only of the collected work of Dr. Suess children’s books. It is a fraud. A fraud that was used through sales to launder hundreds of millions of dollars in drug money.

Those massive numbers of book sales were a fraud. Not a single copy was sold to the public. Not a single one. Rather, all were “purchased” by the Obama cartel to legitimize their earnings from drug sales.

I bought the only copy sold for my kids. They love Dr Seuss! Ok. It was for me. I don’t have kids. You got me.

Fewer than a thousand copies were even printed. Only those for window displays went out.

The findings of this investigation will likely lead to the imprisonment of the entire Obama clan. They won’t see the light of day for the rest of their lives. Trump was right again.


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