Jason Aldean is one of the hottest established country stars in the world. And he knows a thing or two about how to get attention, especially attention for younger up and coming country stars. That star that Aldean sees big things for is Oliver Anthony.

Jason Aldean and Oliver Anthony have two of the biggest country music singles out right now, and they’re both ultra patriotic songs too. It’s what America wants. Patriotism. Truth.  Justice. It’s the American way. And these two are giving it to us.

Stops on the tour will include some small towns, and Kid Rock and John Rich will join the tour as well. Even mega Twitter superstar Cat Turd will be there for Florida dates to introduce the country superstars and tell a few jokes.  One being that he’s a Twitter superstar. No really.

It’s certain to be a good time for all who attend, there will be lots of beer and patriotism and brothers defending the honor of sisters who just got banged behind the beer tent by a 350 pound man that she shared her fudge rounds with.

Attendees to the shows will be walking out, chests pumped and thinking they’re bad asses in a small town until they head to the local Circle K and start screaming racist epithets and then summarily getting their country boy asses handed to them.

Just like every concert I report on, there will be meth, stolen catalytic converters, incest, rebel flags, fights between drunk fat white guys, unplanned pregnancy, and of course the screaming of the N word and ‘Merica.

Oliver Anthony is simply another dumb redneck capitalizing off the utter stupidity of the country music fan base, most of whom are on public assistance that he rails on in the song, but not to worry. He’s talking about those other folk, boy you. God bless America.


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