Liberal Democrats are celebrating what they think will be the death of the National Rifle Association. They will bounce back, but that doesn’t stop the socialists from trying to kill the centuries-old association that protects our gun rights. The facts are simple. The NRA protects our Second Amendment Rights, while the Democrats try and destroy it. And right now, the NRA is facing its biggest hurdle yet.

It’s no question that the NRA is having financial troubles, but aren’t we all in these troubled times? And the reality is, it’s not only the pandemic that is causing the NRA to have these financial issues, but even more than that, it’s the actions of the liberal democrats that have been hurting the organization. Lawsuits, lies, and just plain old witch hunts of NRA top brass have been taking its toll. And it’s all the liberal democrats’ fault. But one issue is the main cause of this. And it seems like it was engineered to kill off the NRA for good.

School closures around the country have put the biggest hurt on the NRA. There is no education and no educating students on why we need the NRA. With shopping malls, movie theaters, parks, and even restaurants closed, the guns that the NRA are trying to protect can’t do what they’re designed to do. But not one thing named above hurts the NRA like school closures. As a matter of fact, AR-15 rifles are sitting around, rusting, with no one to shoot.  It’s tragic.

Usually, the NRA can count on these tragedies to bolster their fundraising efforts. Lifelong member Sandy Batt, an Idahoan who loves her guns, says “there’s almost no reason to donate. With schools closed, Wayne La Pierre and the rest of the misfits can’t come out and beg for donations to save guns that kill kids”. The lack of mass shootings in 2020 has really been bad for the NRA, whose members have had to watch as the heads of the organization have taken their money for yachts and expensive vacations.

And this is totally liberals making things difficult for the NRA. When places that people can congregate are closed, these guns simply sit without being used to create fundraisers for the NRA.  And that makes La Pierre look horrible. Because without these donations, it’s harder for him to steal money and live the life his members can only dream of. This is totally unfair to the man who’s created an entire lifestyle of off death and destruction


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