Colt Manufacturing announced this morning that they are “suspending civilian sales” of their popular AR-15 rifle and limiting their sales and promotions to military and law enforcement personnel only. This has come on the heels of many instances of mentally disturbed individuals illegally gaining access to these weapons and using them in multiple instances of criminal activity.

The move has angered second amendment supporters across the country, and rightfully so. Colt- the gun maker, for heaven’s sake – appears to have decided that the guns are to blame for the mistakes that come from them, not those who pull the trigger. The NRA figure prominently among those who are ticked off at Colt, and they are calling for action against them. Spokesperson Joe Barron let us in on some of his rage:

“Who do these (expletive deleted) think they are? How many times do we have to repeat it?

Guns don’t kill people. Ask President Trump. He’ll back me up. Mentally disturbed people kill people. Nobody else. This has been proven time after time. And they use weapons like the AR-15 because they feel the need to express to more of the world, more quickly that they are disturbed. It’s a cry for help.

What Colt has done is to take the side of the constitution hating liberals. This is a direct attack on 2A and we won’t stand for it. They need to sell us those guns. It is our constitutional right.

And until they do again, the National Rifle Association would urge all patriotic, arm-bearing Americans to boycott. Do not buy their guns, do not buy their accessories, do not buy their ammo. Hell, avoid the horses! Cut Colt from your life.”

You heard him. It’s up to us, ladies and gentlemen. We, the people have the power to change the plans of corporate America. Commence boycott action immediately.


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