The Nobel Committee has made the decision to revoke former US President Barack Obama’s Peace Prize from 2009. Just 8 months after he was inaugurated, the organization handed Obama a million dollars and a coveted award for solving the world’s problems.

Unfortunately, his claims to fame didn’t hold up. Sure, he was in office when they got Bin Laden, but what about Benghazi? According to Alfred Nobel Awards LLC Managing Director Joe Barron, that event in 2012 is when the committee began looking at revoking the prize.

“The committee has ten years to investigate once a vote of no confidence in a winner begins,” said Barron, “after learning about his drone strikes, weaponized swine flu, and accusations of ties to Islam, the committee took a full vote to revoke on December 31 and it went into effect yesterday.”

Few people know about the stipulations of the prize or how the compensation works. As soon as Obama was informed of the investigation in 2012 he had to forfeit the $1 million and put it an escrow account. Now that they’ve revoked the award, the prize goes to the next in line. In 2009,k that was Donald Trump, who exposed former President Barack Obama’s ties to Islam and began the birther movement.

Ultimately, it all worked out in the end. God bless America.



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