Since the early days with Barbara Walters, The View has always had one saving grace: a conservative host. Beginning with Elizabeth Hasselbeck and continuing right down to Meghan McCain, there has always been one voice offering dissent from the leftist lunacy. Until now.

ABC announced that in the coming season, there will be no more conservative hosts or guest hosts on the show. The fifth seat will be occupied by none other than Alyssa Milano. Milano, who has been all over the newsfeed lately with her Volkswagon antics and temper tantrums, says she’s thrilled for the chance to work alongside such “qualified professionals.”

Milano will rake in $15 million per year in her new role, making her the third highest-paid host on the show next to Whoopi at $15 million and Joy Behar at $21 million. She’ll also enjoy 8 weeks of paid vacation time, free healthcare, and a personal chef for breakfast and lunch while she’s on set. She turned down the company tesla. “I really like my Volkswagon,” she said.

The View will be the only show on daytime television dedicated to left-wing ideals like equality, compassion, and empathy. There will likely be lots of tears as they break everything in America down to how they feel about it.

ABC stock fell 3 points with the news and DirecTV says it’s considering dropping the network altogether.


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