The partnership between Bud Light and the National Football League is coming to an end. After many years of sponsorship and the NFL stocking Bud Light at stadiums, the Dylan Mulvaney flap is just too much to bear. And fans aren’t drinking it.

Since 1988, Bud Light has been the official beer of the NFL.  They‘be enjoyed a healthy, prosperous relationship with the league, doing cross promotions and being the biggest selling beer at professional football games. But that’s all coming to an end.

When the controversy about supporting trans woman Dylan Mulvaney happened, the NFL took notice. After the first few weeks of the season, the league came to a conclusion.  It was costing them more to stock it than they were making off of it. It was time to cut its losses and pull the beleaguered beer

“We at the NFL, from time to time, look at our partnerships and make the best decision for our brand and our fans” said league representative Joseph Barron. “The fact is, Bud Light is not selling. In the few weeks the season has been played, 14 Bud Lights have been sold across the country”.

The termination of the contract with Bud Light should not come as a surprise. Many sports leagues have been reviewing the Bud Light controversy. Even churches have stopped carrying the beer at their events, saying that even kids won’t drink it, even after a moment with a priest.

What this means in the long term for the NFL is finding another watered down beer to sell at $20 a cup to thirsty football fans with absolutely no taste whatsoever.   It will still be sold at Cowboys stadium, however, seeing as you have to be a drunk to like that team.

Maybe Bud Light can find fans in ice skating, or pro wrestling, where even dumber people attend and think it’s real. There’s always a sibling relationship that could use cheap beer to forget that she’s just been with her cousin.  God bless America.


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