In a development that will surprise no one who closely follows the news, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and her equally corrupt husband have lost…everything.

Their Napa Valley winery, their house in San Francisco, all the money they stole directly from US taxpayers…it’s all gone, seized by the Feds after an extensive IRS audit proved that Pelosi had been embezzling from taxpayers for decades.

Following the very legal and not at all corrupt orders from President Donald Jebediah Trump to go over every line in every tax return that the Pelosis had filed since 1975, the IRS found a completely believable and not at all satirical amount of fraud.

As a result, the Midwestern District of California Circuit Court of Chicanery handed down an order that the Pelosis, their adult children, their grandchildren, their gardeners, Nancy’s hairdresser, the guy who makes the labels for their wine bottles, and the dog walker must forfeit all of their assets.

Barrister Sandy Batt, Esq., the head of the Circuit Court, vowed that justice will be served. “We cast a very wide net, and we’re expecting the little fish — that wine label guy in particular — to sing like birds about the corruption they witnessed over the years.

We know that everyone hates the Pelosi family and we’ll all point at them and laugh when all they have left is the clothes on their backs and a beat up 1986 Corolla that we found in the back of one of their garages.”

When reached for comment, the dog walker was nearly speechless.

“I love the Pelosis and I’ve never seen them act badly in any way. They always give me a big holiday bonus and there’s no way I have any information that could be used against them.”

Likely story, dog walker. Likely story.


  1. Dawn

    THIS HAS TO BE A DREAM..PLZ nobody wake me… I’ve been hope’n for yrs that her & her crooked family would be put in their place & if this is true they should get what anyone else would get….No FAVORS Nancy & family……Let’s see if they can get that expensive, I 1/2 gal of ice cream in prison….. bet we’ll hear her beg….LMMFAO!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      You realize this is a sarcasm right. GO on fact checked bustatroll gets fact checked all the time because it LIES

      • Dolores Drury

        Fact check needs a fact check

  2. Armando Jimenez Jr

    Nancy is one of the Sleazest people to slither into the universe.



  4. Anonymous

    I’m sorry that it isn’t true. There is no Court of Chicanery.


  5. Roberto Fuentes

    Oh this is not funny! Tell me this is actually TRUE! If anyone deserves a complete audit is definitely the Pelosi’s. They used inside information to make a bundle of money with VISA stocks. Their son Paul Pelosi was also with Hunter Biden raping the taxpayers of the Ukraine. He actions this year and simple out right lies to the American citizens is a least shameful.
    Now if this can happen to Pelosi, then next we need to see HRC go down the same road as well.
    Oh This Better Be True!

    • anonymous fact checker

      First Trump”s middle name is John.
      Second Pelosi doesn’t own any wineries, she owns vineyards.
      Third Those that know someone in hot water with IRS don’t forfeit assets.
      Forth there is no such place as Midwestern District of California Circuit Court of Chicanery.

      Fact check next time. You buffoons will believe anything fed to you.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry Roberto, but this is as it says at the top – Satire and/or Conservative Fan Fiction

  6. Anonymous

    You all do realize this is fake right??? LOL

  7. Anonymous

    I mean really?? Her dog walker and hair dresser has to forfeit all assests?? LMAO WOW

  8. tslate

    Nice satire and wishful thinking. Nancy learned it all from her father back in the 50’s and 60’s Thomas D’Alesandro, Jr. Baltimore mayor who ran with the mob. Nancy bragged that she was his campaign fund manager. I have relatives that lived there during that time that know all about her father, the mob and even those that left politics in Baltimore because it got so corrupt with him as mayor. That’s how both Nancy and Baltimore are still corrupted to this day. Even JFK refused to deal with him as a potential executive position after the FBI warned him away after their investigation uncovered his mob ties. Nancy grew up with it and simply knows no other way of life.

    • Did I read somewhere that Nancy found her way to the top thru JFK’s bedroom?

  9. Anonymous

    I so wanted this to be true. I was actually searching to see if her winery is being affected by the fires in Napa county.

  10. Rocky Bono

    Hilarious!!! Wish it were true!! I also secretly wish the President’s middle name was Jebediah! Wearing pearl handle 45’s in hip holsters and that cowboy hat he mentioned he wished he could wear. He would be even more badass than he is. Which is hard to achieve.
    Great reporting!!!

  11. Kelli Chamberlain

    I would love to believe this. But I saw that this supposedly happened in July 2020 as well. Is this just a repeat of that story? Or is it not true?

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