After Alyssa Milano’s little fit about Tesla and her stunt with a Volkswagon, Elon Musk did what any good business owner would do in his situation. He filed a defamation lawsuit.

The actress then went on a tirade of hate and lies, ultimately losing her credibility and employability.

She took to Twitter to cry about nobody wanting to work with her while her lawyers tried to fend of Musk. As it turns out, the billionaire wasn’t interested in Alyssa Milano’s “pocket change” net worth but rather in making her pay for her insolence.

Fortunately for the middle-aged thespian, Musk isn’t a monster. “She can settle for a buck and make a nice apology,” said lead attorney Joe Barron, “The legal fees will take half of what she’s worth. I think she learned a lesson.”

Milano is also dealing with the possible loss of her long-awaited reboot of “Who’s the Boss,” in which she’s supposed to play the hot middle-aged mom who takes in a male nanny and his kid. Rumor has it she’s considering Michael B Jordan for the role.

“We may need to put an end to that,” said Musk, “we can’t have her feeling like she has control over her own life when she went and pissed off a billionaire now, can we?”

When will these celebrities learn?


  1. Dear Flagg, 2nd Para, 1st sentence: “off”. I used to be a police supervisor and proofread reports. Sorry, habit.

    • Some Body

      ROFL! I once had an external EEO investigator (I wasn’t the subject lol) send me a legal document that was written like a 2nd grader had done it, so I corrected it with red ink and asked “Seriously?” Some of my friends hate me, and a couple borderline illiterate officers as well.

  2. wano

    Good spelling and grammar are thing of the past… But for anyone who has a wit of education or intelligence, it’s pretty important if you’re trying to make a point. Otherwise, the poor spelling and grammar will make the point for you.

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