A Democrat lawmaker in Mississippi had the grand idea of doing a confederate flag swap to coincide with the state removing the image from their state flag.

Senator Neil Whaley (D-Potts Camp) created an event that would have Mississippi citizens swap confederate flags for food vouchers, restaurant gift cards, and other “goodies,” no questions asked.  What was a bad idea to begin with, turned into a real nightmare for citizens who love their freedom to fly the stars and bars.

Reports all over Mississippi of stolen and destroyed confederate flags are keeping police busy all over the state, with police trying to track the flags down for their angry owners and find those responsible for the thefts and vandalism.

Thousands of missing and destroyed flags are being reported. The flags have considerable sentimental value to the people who love them and fly them proudly, and now they live in fear of being victimized.

Cousintoucherville is a small hamlet in southern Mississippi littered with old trailer homes and broken down pick up trucks, home to Joe Barron, a retired gas station attendant. His trailer home is plastered in the confederate flag and other confederate memorabilia and several Donald Trump flags. Through sips of wild turkey, he almost was in tears thinking what would happen if anyone took his flags.

“I dun der bin collectin’ dese har flags since my daddy left with his sister, it reminds me of him.”

He certainly has fond memories of this flag, imagine losing the war and your daddy.

People from all over the state have been coming to the town hall to turn these flags in and get free food and coupons. When asked what the flag meant to Sandy Batt, a Mississippi resident, she said

“It means Red Lobster to me, that’s what it means.” She continued “I’m embarrassed by my neighbors having these traitor flags, so now I’ll smile as I bite down into some tasty scallops watching him scratch his empty head as to where his traitor flags went!!”

It should be noted that these flags generally are viewed as racist reminders of a failed war on common sense, which is ironic since most people who would fly them have no common sense. So far the swap has turned in thousands of these crappy flags, many that smelled of meth and failure so bad that simply burning them could create a health hazard.


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