Thousands upon thousands of Donald Trump’s most ardent followers reserved tickets and waited for days outside the venue where Trump spoke but were not able to attend due to violent protesters. The ANTIFA protesters were able to overpower Secret Service and stand with arms locked literally blocking entrances into the venue.

Despite being armed and having years of combat training, each valiant Secret Service agent was forced to retreat. ANTIFA operatives also managed to shut the streets down around the venue, which kept the state’s National Guard troops, ordered by Governor Tarkin, away.  By the time that the Guard was able to break through the ANTIFA lines, the rally was over.

National Guard General Maximillian Veers outlined the plans for the next rally to defeat the rebels to ALLOD reporter Joe Barron:

“We will have our largest mechanical walkers set up to patrol the perimeter armed with our most powerful cannons. Any ANTIFA scum that dares to make the attempt to block our President’s supporters will be met with fire and fury.  Fire and fury like the world has never seen. I hope they try it.”

Sources close to ANTIFA’s General Rieekan say that they have been anticipating this move by Veers and have been securing long tow cables and motorcycles to prevent the deployment of the walkers to the venue perimeters where Trump is scheduled to speak.

The Secret Service is expected to be supplemented by various patriotic militia groups, who will have orders to do whatever it takes to make sure that our President’s most faithful supporters can crowd arenas, breathe on each other, and eventually succumb to the pandemic to own the libs. Let us all pray for their success.


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