When Lia Thomas transitioned, she was forced to follow strict rules before she could swim as a female in the NCAA. There were hormone level requirements, time without competition requirements, and a host of other things designed to make the addition of a previously male participant in women’s sports as fair as possible.

While Thomas went through all that, the record-breaking swimmer now admits that she had one goal in mind when she became a woman: “I just wanted to win.”

And win she did. Thomas took the national championship, set new best times in every pool she swam in, and now owns nearly a full page in the Guinness Book of World Records.

How is that fair? “I followed the rules,” said Thomas, “That’s the only real requirement.” Now that the college graduate has moved on, she says there’s a good chance she’ll transition back to a male again “to see what opportunities there are in that world.”

Seems like a big scam, doesn’t it? Should a person be allowed to do things like that? We asked ALLOD Sportsball Analyzer Tara Newhole if Thomas’ strategy for winning is legal and ethical. Her response was very educational:

“Yeah, it’s legal, and if you look at the real stats, not the fiction in the first four paragraphs, you’ll see that Thomas set a couple of pool records but came nowhere near any world records. As female swimmers go, her times were pretty average. She tied Riley Gaines for 5th place in one event. That doesn’t seem to be an overwhelming accomplishment. Unless you’re a little blonde with no ass who peaked her junior year and should probably pack it in and get back into dentistry.”

Riley wasn’t available for comment. God Bless America.


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