It was over ten years ago that Kelsey Grammar and Woody Harrelson last saw each other, and that was only for a moment at the airport. Before that, the famous “Cheers” duo were apart since they did an episode of “Frasier” together in early 1996.

They ended their streak with tears and a giant hug on Roseanne’s new show while she and the audience all reached for a tissue.

“It was one of the most moving things I’ve ever seen,” said Roseanne’s Production Manager Joe Barron, “Two grown men who aren’t afraid to show their affection for each other is something you don’t see enough of these days. Except on Survivor. Bro hugs are still alive and well over there.”

The pair sat and talked about the old days when they’d sit around the bar chatting with Sam, Carla, Norm and the gang. “It was almost like we were there,” said Harrelson. Grammar responded, “I’ll tell you what Woody. I feel way more like I do now than I did back then.”

At that, the pair hugged it out once again. As the camera shifted back to Roseanne, they exchanged a tender kiss and began to Boebert each other, with the crowd howling in approval.

“Those crazy guys will do anything for attention,” said Roseanne, “Including re-kindling their hidden homosexual bromance publicly. Thank Christ it’s 2024.”

She’s not wrong there, patriots. That kind of thing would never have worked in the 80s. God Bless America.


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