Joe Biden will do anything to get under people’s skin, and his Supreme Court picks are no different. He recently announced that he already had people in mind for the Supreme Court, and at the top of his list was none other than AOC.

When she’s not on Livestream making margaritas for millions of impressionable followers, AOC can be seen committing other shameful acts, such as buying off-brand Poptarts at Wholefoods and tending to a community garden plot.

According to her plot neighbors, her tomatoes are totally overgrown.

Despite her hobbies, Joe Biden has said that he would choose her for the Supreme Court if given the chance. Obviously, he’s simply trying to further a liberal agenda. We dug deeper to see what this might include.

After a few days of mild harassment, we managed to find AOC and Biden actually hanging out together. We caught them in the middle of imitating one of those wacky inflatable arm flailing tube men tubes outside of a Honda dealership.

Of course, we didn’t actually hear anything, but a woman nearby said she is an excellent lip reader. She gave us the inside scoop after about an hour of begging and a $50 gift certificate to Arby’s:

“Don’t quote me on this, but it looked like the white guy was saying something like, ‘I want to legalize intergalactical marriage.’ The girl with him was just nodding, but there was a lot of arm flailing. I think they might be on the bloogies.”

If there was anyone who would want to help Joe Biden legalize intergalactical marriage, AOC would definitely be it. It just goes to show how loosey-goosey liberals are. If you let one person marry an alien, you gotta let everybody do it.

The Marg Monster AOC getting on the Supreme Court would be a nightmare to Americans everywhere. First, she wants to bring in outer spacial aliens. Then what, she wants to take our guns? Or worse, what if she outlaws rainbow sprinkles?

What a wreck.


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