Jason Aldean says he’s “taking the advice of counsel” and filing a $40 Million defamation suit against Whoopi, Sunny, Joy, and the rest of the hosts of ABC’s “The View.”

The suit, filed in the 65th District Court of Writs and Motions, seeks damages from both the show itself as well as the individuals who called Aldean “racist.”

ABC responded by saying they had no idea that the show’s hosts would be so brutal but held firm that the show is “protected 1st Amendment free speech.” What ABC failed to remember is that free speech doesn’t save Whoopi from screaming “fire” in a crowded theater.

“She needs to pay for her little stunt,” said Aldean’s attorney, Joe Barron ESQ, ‘They all do. Their behavior wasn’t just abhorrent, it was un-American.”

Whoopi told ALLOD Correspondent Cynthia Luhu that she’s not worried about another lawsuit she heard about from The Dunning Kruger Times. “Just keep that Skip guy away sweetie,” she told Cindy, “and I’ll give you all the scoops. I like to support the Asian community.”

Luhu told Whoopi that she didn’t particularly care for the stereotype since she’s Lithuanian, but she did agree that Skip Tetheludah is “a bit of a creep.”

The lawsuit has to make its way through several appellate courts before it can get underway, for some reason, but we hear Aldean is looking to get it in front of that Trump judge lady in Florida. God Bless America.


  1. Alicia Watson

    I heard the song , Jason Aldean you claim you are not a racist if you are not a racist then why do the lyrics in your new song reflect that, you know the saying if it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck then its a duck. The message that you are putting out in that song is not a positive one ,collectively a couple of years ago when all of us I’m talking about Black,White, Brown and everything in between had to deal with Covid -19 and people where praying for dear life America had lost alot of its people, Covid didn’t care what race you are after going through that and thanking God that we are still standing when many of our friends, families and love ones didn’t make it. I am asking you if you can take down that song that is offensive to people you see Jason we don’t need to be hurting Americans all of us need to be healing. Thank you I hope you reconsider and create something more unified.

    • Zach

      What are you even talking about? Not once did you mention what is actually supposedly racist about the song. You’re trying to manipulate the situation to make it look like you’re taking the higher moral ground or something but you’re honestly saying absolutely nothing, nor are you adding anything worth considering to the conversation.

    • Jack

      Are you stupid? I am seriously curious. There is nothing racist about that song and there are so many African Americans reacting to that song and even they would say what racism are you talking about.

    • brian

      It’s amazing how you manipulated all those words, yet said nothing.

    • Ed

      For you to see racism in this song is actually making YOU the racist. Race wasn’t mentioned once in this song and video, but you see racism. And that makes you the racist person because you are so focused on race that you actually see it even when it doesn’t exist.

  2. Rob

    Jason is an okay kid. He sang a couple of really nice songs for the children of our church in the Sunday School Indoctrination Center. The songs were, “White is the best” and “Last roll of toilet paper.” The kids were clapping and singing along – lots of good ole fun. These are the things we try to do in small towns.

    • Michael Garrett

      I’m calling BS. You tried to be funny but aren’t. I’ll bet you live in a big city.

  3. People you need to stick a pacifier in your mouth, get your Blankey and go take a nap. His song is not raciest you people have been brainwashed by the liberals, Democrats & the bad government. You all need to learn once again how to think for yourself

    • Merita Holmes

      I 100% agree with this statement! BRAVO

    • Tom Marrow

      Amen sister Melissa. I have yet to listen to the song myself, but can say with 100% confidence it is definitely not raciest.

  4. fredn

    Jason is a true American, unlike them there cross-dressing Bud Light drinking faggot Liberals. Let’s see how this Goldberg windbag feels when Jason sings at Trumps inauguration next year! Lots of Country artists put on shows at prisons.

  5. fill wingo

    there’s nothing racist about it. you should see what we do in our not so small town on ‘fag drag Friday’ with our trucks.
    in regards to WHOOPI, I hope she gets the big ol hook. there’s too many blacks on television anyhow, and I believe I speak for all good voiceless Americans when I say so.

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