Herman Cain’s family announced that the trailblazing African-American leader who was so close to becoming the first republican black president passed from this world into the next. He is mourned by many and will be greatly missed. Mr. Cain was a proud supporter of President Trump and was firmly on board the Trump Train!

As a final gift to the President, he is donating $9,990,000 to the Trump campaign as a nod to his failed 2012 Presidential bid when he popularized “9-9-9” as what his ideal sales tax and personal and corporate income taxes would be across the board.

Cain signed a waiver that prevents his family from suing anyone associated with the rally to further insulate Donald Trump and his associates.

The President was melancholy on the day Mr. Cain died, lamenting the loss of his friend. Art Tubolls caught up with our Dear Leader in the Rose Garden.

Regis gave me $20 million. Herman Cain didn’t even give me half of that. So tragic. Many people didn’t know this, but he ran for President in 2012. He was a loser but I’m happy he was a loser because I wouldn’t be here as your favorite President if he won.

He was a weak man. He died of a hoax. Strong people don’t do that. Only weak people. I called him my friend. That was good for me because he’s black and if I have a black friend then the liberals can’t call me a racist.

Who is going to be my black friend now?”

Applications to be the President’s new black friend are being taken at 1600 Black Lives Matter Plaza, however, no one who meets the minimum requirement has applied.

Herman Cain worked his way up to be the CEO of Godfather’s Pizza and then was the president and CEO of the National Restaurant Association where he did absolutely nothing to improve the working conditions and pay for the employees who actually do all of the work in these establishments.

He dropped his Presidential bid because of sexual harassment allegations against him. Herman Cain was a man ahead of his time. Had he chosen to wait 4 more years, he could have used these allegations as a springboard into the White House, but instead desperately sought to hang on to the limelight until it ultimately killed him.

Fortunately, his foresight in writing the Trump Campaign into his will pay off for all of us.

Herman Cain died of COVID-19 as a direct result of attending the Donald Trump rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma in June.


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