I Jason Aldean’s “Try That In A Small Town” music video went viral several times over. The country music megastar’s mega hit is all over the place. Patriots just love it. But not all. The folks over at Fox News, a supposedly conservative outlet forced him to cut footage from his video.

The footage consisted of BLM protests in several cities. It went perfectly with the video. After a week, Fox News sent a cease and desist letter to Aldean’s legal team threatening action if he didn’t remove the footage. They threatened to sue.

And that’s a hoot considering the hosts on Fox News have been pushing the Aldean song and video for weeks. This is coming straight from the top, from Rupert Murdoch, an Australia billionaire who runs it all. Murdoch expects millions for that footage.

And Aldean had no idea he couldn’t use it. It’s news footage, which is generally free to use but apparently Fox News has a clause written into their contracts stating you must pay to use this footage. Aldean is still a relatively young artist, still finding his way. He can’t pay them millions!

Remember, this is the same man, the same network that fired Tucker Carlson for absolutely no reason! Fox is caving to the liberal left more and more day, to the point it looks like they may actually be them.

Fox believes only they can push a racist narrative correctly and are protecting their turf. Obviously they like another friendly to help them do it but not without paying them. It’s all about the Benjamins baby!  There’s enough scared Caucasian boomers and faux rednecks to go around gentlemen. No need to fight. They’re not smart enough anyway.

Fox fired Tucker. Fox forced Jason Aldean to remove footage from his ultra popular video. Fox News must be stopped before it fully caves to the left and becomes a liberal station!  This madness must end! Joe Barron rocks and God Bless America.


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