Trump has been helping America to heal with his daily press briefings ever since all of this began. He is providing the public with vital information that could very well save their lives. Every major network has been airing them as they see the great importance of this, but all that is about to change.

CNN, NBC, CBS, and ABC are all set to announce that they will no longer televise the important announcements from the White House, saying that they are not in the public interest. This is a decision that most say is anti-American but they are standing firm, claiming that they are actually protecting the American public. A representative for the United Forces Of Broadcasting, Joe Barron, went into greater detail about their decision:

“We at UFB have joined together because we put the lives of Americans over the self-interest of Donald J Trump. It is our belief that his agenda through these press briefings is nothing more than campaigning at the expense of the health of the nation. He doesn’t care about anything but the economy. People need to take priority now.

This man is not a leader. He is an imbecile. Worse than that, he thinks he’s genius! So he’s giving medical advice that defies medical science and his idiot supporters are actually following it. He’s going to kill people.

UFB struggled with this decision. At first they thought they should push his ideas and let natural selection do its things. Trump’s base would soon disappear and the world would be a better place, but they reluctantly decided that would be wrong. Dammit.

Trump will never see airtime on our networks again.”

Perhaps it’s time for the federal government to yank the licenses away from these networks. They don’t seem to care about this country and are trying to harm it. Tell your congressman.


  1. Barbara Neeser

    Honestly there’s not much left to watch on these station anyway, so I’m done with them.

  2. Anonymous

    Haven’t watched those fake, lying, made up to fit their agenda networks in years! What a bunch of crap!



  4. Patti

    I’m sorry, who did you say you were again? I’m not familiar with your entity ???

  5. Anonymous

    It’s Nancy Pelosi starting her hateful self again.

  6. Rhonda

    Wtf? Big deal! You don’t air them anyway! Ooh! A wholeb15 minutes. You people are damaging! Hey people check out who owners these stations!!! They are trying to control all of us. The real corrupt!! Research now!

  7. Thomas Ebright

    . a partial itinerary of Trump’s aid… educate yourself…. January 11: China reports their first death from the virus (ABC News)
    * January 12: White House prepares to respond to impeachment articles (CNN)
    * January 14: House Democrats release documents from a Giuliani associate about Ukraine (PBS)
    * January 15: Nancy Pelosi hands out “golden pens” after signing the articles of impeachment (video)
    * January 19: The United States has its first case of the virus (New England Journal of Medicine)
    * January 22: House Managers make opening arguments on impeachment (NPR), The proceedings continue until February 3
    * January 22: With 17 dead, China suspends all outbound public transport from Wuhan (The Guardian)
    * January 29: United States Senators begin asking their questions in the impeachment trial (Vox)
    * January 30: The World Health Organization declares a global health emergency (New York Times)
    * January 30: Nancy Pelosi says House could take further action if Senate acquits (ABC News)
    * January 31: Trump declares public health emergency, restricts travel from China (NPR)
    * January 31: Trump administration “drastically escalates its response” to the coronavirus epidemic, requiring quarantines and health screenings (Washington Post)
    * January 31: Senate votes against calling witnesses to testify in the Senate (CNBC)
    * February 3: House impeachment arguments come to a close (Fox News)
    * February 4: Democrat House members and the World Health Organization criticize Trump’s decision to restrict travel from China (Politico)
    * February 4: In his State of the Union speech, Trump addresses the COVID-19 outbreak (Video)
    * February 4: Nancy Pelosi rips up her copy of the State of the Union speech on national TV (Video)
    * February 5: US Senate votes to acquit President Trump on impeachment charges (CBS News)
    * February 6: Nancy Pelosi press conference; defends ripping up Trump’s “falsehoods” (Boston Globe)
    * February 9: Pelosi criticizes Trump’s budget, even with its increases to Medicare/Medicaid (Washington Times)
    Feb. 11: WHO named the virus COVID-19. The Trump administration’s first response, a week after the initial announcement, was when the virus hadn’t even been named by the World Health Organization yet. It wasn’t named until Day 42. Meanwhile, the CDC, NIH, FEMA, FDA, HHS, the DOD, and all the agencies of our scientific community have already been working feverishly to sequence the RNA of the virus to get its proteins, it’s messenger RNA sequenced, and get a vaccine going.
    * February 13: Pelosi accuses Attorney General Barr of damaging the rule of law (Washington Post)
    * February 13: Pelosi criticizes Trump for “abuse of power” in talking about Roger Stone (Politico)
    * February 13: Pelosi accuses Trump of politicizing the intelligence community (Politico)
    * February 22: Trump appoints Vice President Pence to oversee US Gov’t virus response team (BBC)
    * February 22: Pelosi makes misleading statements about Trump; also criticizes Trump for acting too late on the virus (Video)
    Feb. 24: The president unveiled the initial plan.
    Yet, according to the leadership of the other party, our president has failed us. Following OVER A MONTH of response—they’re accusing our president of failing us. TDS is real.
    Feb. 26: President Trump appointed VP Mike Pence to head the whole of government response. That appointment is in keeping with the 2015 Obama-era Panel on Biodefense.
    Feb. 29: Sixty days after the Chinese announcement, the US sadly lost its first victim to COVID-19.
    March 11: WHO declares COVID-19 to be a global “pandemic.”
    So, 53 days before the US lost a single life to this disease, the administration was already working diligently to protect our country.

  8. Our President needs to tell the FCC to pull the operating licenses from these media corporations until they are in compliance, they have no right to not do as other networks do.

  9. I don’t watch those scummy networks anyway. Those four networks are a Blight to the broadcast industry. Those four networks are the slyme of a swine’s excrement.

  10. Ken Gallaher

    Make him pay. They are political ads anyway.

  11. Ken Gallaher

    Make him pay. They are just political adds anyway.

  12. James Wagner

    It’s a hoax.
    We only have one case.
    Sick people can still go to work.
    I never said sick people should go to work.
    Everyone who wants a test can get a test.
    You can drink aquarium cleaner – it’ll be OK.
    I have experience with models – but not this kind of models.
    Yes – I fired the pandemic response team because I am a businessman.
    I’m really good at this. Maybe I should have done this instead of being president.
    The rich get tested before the poor because that’s the story of life.
    This is a pandemic. I’ve always said this was a pandemic

    Ding! He’s done.

  13. Pat Slice

    I’ve stopped watchiong him. What a waste. FDR had weekly fireside chats. That was a World War. I’ll be voting against him.

  14. Yes Mon

    You guys do realize that this is a satire site don’t you? You’re so blind…WAKE UP!!!

  15. Kev

    Fuck Trump and his equally stupid minions. No one wants to hear this bloviating shitbag talk about his self, whilst minion Pence stands there and cosign it. Hopefully we get rid of virus Trump in November, and all of his minions follow him off a tall cliff. This shithole country will be better without him, and all of you.

  16. Anonymous

    You people DO realize this is a satire site? There is no such thing as United Forces Of Broadcasting! It’s all a joke! It’s EVEN labeled as a ‘satire’ by SNOPES.

  17. Anonymous

    I love all the right wing commenters not realizing this website is a satire making fun of them. LOL

  18. Angelina Marie

    He’s a useless ass-clown who lies constantly. They are right to cut him out of the picture. he’s not leading anything, he’s just a jackoff.

  19. Dee

    I’m glad they’re standing up to Trump. All he tweets about is how good his “ratings” are, regarding his press conferences.

    How is THAT showing concern towards the American people?

    Let’s just cancel “The Trump Show”, and put on “CDC Today” instead. This way we get information, not propaganda.

  20. Steven P. Bradford

    This is the correct decision…45 is using these briefings as a campaign platform using propaganda and blatant lies (I talked to hundreds of governors (we only have 50)) and inciting citizens to disobey local authorities. He is not a leader, he is a mistake. Can’t wait til the nightmare that is 45 is over!

  21. Allen

    If Trump and FoxNews are your sources for truth then you have already had the koolaid and are too far gone. Not even worth this much of a comment.
    Advice: turn it all off and read a book. You’will already be smarter than your orange turd leader if you do so .

  22. Kelly

    Click bate. CNN airs his garbage everyday. Unlike the deplorable Fox News, they fact check his lying ass.

  23. this name

    ‘help america heal’ ? what part? the nazi part?

  24. Lee Grupsmith-Pedersen

    Broadcast TV? How quaint…

  25. Harry Lew

    How awful! To not let the alleged president of the United States spew constant lies at the American people, lies that could get them and their loved ones killed. The audacity of those networks!

  26. Petunia


  27. Truthseeker

    What a bunch of loser morons on this blog willing to go down with the ship………..

  28. Anonymous

    Those broadcasts are nothing more than political rallies. No need to be on TV.

  29. Anonymous

    We’re all tired of Trump’s daily propaganda/politically motivated shit show. If he actually provided helpful, FACTUAL information instead of constantly berating people he dislikes, it would be different. Watching his daily temper tantrums and meltdowns live makes out country look even more ignorant and backwards. If he was a real leader it would be different. He acts like a spoiled child.

  30. DJRM

    OMG, this is SO truly amazing! As all that man does is spew lies and ignorance and is such a complete imbecile, his “briefings” are completely useless! I so hope this is true! Thank you for the good news! The man needs to be silenced. Thousands have died because if his idiocy, so yeah, this is a great move on the part of these wonderful networks!

  31. Kari

    I support their decision wholeheartedly!! He died nothing but lie & im tired of his moronic rhetoric!! I applaud these stations & hope the rest follow suit!!

  32. Anonymous

    Networks aren’t licensed, stations are.

  33. Anonymous

    Networks aren’t licensed, stations are.

  34. Diana Howell

    From the article: “Trump has been helping America to heal with his daily press briefings ever since all of this began. He is providing the public with vital information that could very well save their lives.”

    I thought this was satire. When I realized it wasn’t I couldn’t believe. Trump has NOT been doing this AT ALL PERIOD.

    He spent the first 40 minutes of Monday before last disputing a NYT article on his foot-dragging response naming people who like him and those who are mean to him. He never gives a concrete answer to ANY questions and attacks reporters who’s questions he doesn’t like. For example, “You’re a terrible reporter,” to one revered award-winning reporter form CNN.

    Yesterday, a reporter asked, “If you open the country up will that lead to some getting sick?”

    His response: “A lot of people love me.”

    I’m not kidding or making this up. It’s on tape. His ANSWER TO someone who is asking him about poetential illness and he’s talking about himself. That’s what he does the WHOLE time. He has NEVER once spoken of the suffering the loss, had any kind, comforting words FOR ANYONE. Your commnet “Helping America heal,” is ludicrous.

  35. Anonymous

    Trump is a joke and wants people to die. Y’all stupid for voting his dumb ass in office.

  36. vera

    Yeah glad some networks have finely decided to take this waste of breath THING OFF! He hasn’t been a good leader from day one. Every country around looks at America as idiots now thanks to Trump!

  37. Amber

    Good!!!! Finally!!! He also watches these and looks up ratings.. Thinks hes god! But tells his cult bot to watch because he hates authority and he hates being questioned!! Dont allow this idiot to use these channels for his own sick narcissium!

  38. Anonymous

    These “daily briefs” are political rallies in his mind. If the news covers this, they would need to give equal time to Biden. That’s the law.

  39. Anonymous

    It’s honestly amazing how many regular people support rich billionaires like this guy who don’t give a fuck about the American people

  40. MelquanDaDonn

    TRUMP is an embarrassment to our great country. He has the vocabulary level of a 4th grader. He is not a scientist and he sounds dumb trying to be one. Look at those folks on the podium faces next briefing he holds and you will see that they can not believe the things that are coming out of his mouth. I never use to watch CNN, MSNBC, or FOX until this clown was selected the republican nominee. I started watching only because I knew this clown would destroy and divide and now kill our great country. HE MUST GO!!!

  41. Eric VanSickle

    You call for the FCC licenses of ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN to be pulled. That is not possible. First, ABC, NBC and CBS do NOT have individual licenses. They are networks of local television stations, WHICH HAVE THE LICENSES. So, to pull the licenses of the networks, you have to revoke the licenses of THOUSANDS OF LOCAL TV STATIONS. That will cause a riot. Secondly, CNN doesn’t have an FCC license because it’s on cable and satellite TV, which don’t need licenses.

  42. Randy Z

    Since when is what comes out of the mouth of a pathological liar “vital information?” When you hear “people tell me”… the next words are ALWAYS a lie and or fabrication. In January, the virus was a hoax by the Democrats! NOW, he says he knew it was a pandemic. If you believe his lies, you might consider buying a bridge in San Francisco. Faux News and OAN? Do you know why they want the workers to go back to work? So the people that are heavily invested in the market can recoup their investments while THEY stay home and the workers risk their lives. Don’t be a pack of rubes or not….

  43. Sir Malcolm Wellington

    Would you rather the FCC bands him from giving bad medical advise. Why don’t you all just inject yourselves with disinfectant???? That will solve a lot of problems for America



  45. Brian

    The man is an imbecile, only interested in filling his coffers. No one should air anything he has to say.

  46. Art Raymond

    Praise Jesus, finally some networks with the guts to stop this insane flow of misinformation and lies. If only Fox News and MSNBC had some back bone.

  47. Jane

    Hey Donnie Dump supporters, how about trying the disinfectant injection thing? Or how about you stick a lightbulb up your ass. Cures the coronavirus, the orange maggot said so!

  48. ELewis

    I did a little experiment of my own and put up a comment and waited to see who were the absolute dumbest people on facebook. What I wrote was satire and too long to post here. Generally speaking I expected it to be pretty close to 50-50. Much to my surprise the Democrats turned out to be the absolute dumbest people on facebook. They have no appreciation, nor idea what satire is, nor do they care. They are way too literal and have no sense of humor. I think I now know what going to hell really means. You turn into a Democrat with no self-esteem, a basic need for praise and affirmation, a need for everyone to agree with them about everything, and they have a two punch response to those who challenge them. First they call you a liar and then unleash the most disgusting chain of foul language. This is both men and women.

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