George Soros, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack and Michelle Obama, and more coming in every hour it seems, have been targeted by an elaborate ruse crafted by liberal trolls. Liberal trolls, if you don’t know, differ from the Russian Trolls because they are from America and they are paid very well for their crimes.

George Soros himself funds the world of Liberal Trolls. Their leaders, people with names like “Ima Goat’ and “Ura Tater,” organize groups of attacks both online and in-person. They find vulnerable, gullible, ignorant, uneducated, low hanging-fruit from the backwoods of America and make them look foolish on social media, often triggering them into attacks that get them Facebook Jail sentences.

The IRL Trolls, (In Real Life), work directly for George Soros, mett with him for lunch once a week at the Bob Evans on 3rd, and would take a bullet for him if they asked. Paid Liberal Trolls make very good money to destroy America for the Globalists.

The FBI has confirmed that there is far too much chatter from the Liberal Troll world and that there is no way they aren’t involved:

“At this point, everything is pointing towards these bombs being delivered by Liberals, to Liberals, in order to make it look like conservatives did it.

The FBI will give this their full attention, at the orders of the White House, dropping everything else they’re working on until the mystery is solved. “

That makes perfect sense. The other possibility, that Trump supporters are somehow dumb enough to think these people open their own mail, just doesn’t make sense. Everyone knows Trump supports the education of dumb people everywhere. If there was something we could learn about people being less dumb, we’d be on it. For now, we’ve got to focus on what matters and Lock Them All Up!


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