Yesterday, billionaire Jeffery Epstein was arrested on charges of trafficking of minors . This is truly disgusting and illustrates the depravity of the liberals perfectly. To them, children are but things to be toyed with for their gratification. All of them. Every liberal on earth.

Epstein is connected throughout Hollywood and democratic political worlds and was often seen hobnobbing with big wigs in both these realms. One couple who he has been particularly friendly with and who is of strong interest to legal authorities is the former President and First Lady, William Rothstein Clinton and Hillary Rodham Soros Clinton.

It has been suspected that the Clintons are complicit with Epstein in the trafficking of children but they have thus far eluded capture or any compelling evidence other than vague, unsubstantiated rumors in conspiracy theory groups online. Millions of members of these groups are thoroughly convinced of their guilt, despite having no corroboration but what they do have is much debunked evidence of Pizzagate and the underground bunker of the Getty mansion.

Another bunker of Epstein’s is said to be located under this Florida property, playground of the rich.

And now inside sources have leaked information suggesting that authorities have reached a plea deal with Epstein in which he will “give up the goods” on the Clinton involvement with the “Lolita Express” and “Lolita Island” – the private island of underage pleasure that Epstein owns and the plane used to get there – in exchange for a greatly reduced sentence, 1 year of jail instead of the life sentence he would otherwise face. No details were given on the exact roles to be revealed, but fake pizza parlor basements are sure to be involved.

Jeff Epstein and Bill Clinton (pictured). Clinton called Epstein “a great friend”

Bill and Hillary Clinton are said to be terrified since Epstein’s arrest, and Epstein has been placed in protective custody to avoid falling victim to a Clinton “suiciding” attempt.

We will keep you apprised as details emerge.



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