Crack open your Bud Light folks! Trans activist Dylan Mulvaney has been announced as “Woman of the Year” by a leading national magazine.  Seriously, what is even going on here?  It looks like someone else needs the Bud Light treatment!

The magazine, which is a national magazine, declared Mulvaney “Woman of the Year” after that person destroyed Bud Light and turned people off in ways that cannot be described on this site or anywhere actually. What are they thinking? This is a disgrace to women everywhere.

The magazine’s spokesperson, Sandy Batt doesn’t see the problem. “She’s the light that guides many. She’s a shining star”.  Joe Barron, a long time magazine subscriber just threw his copy in the trash. “I’m done. It’s over”. We feel ya Joe.

There were several in the running for “Woman of the Year” and they chose Dylan Mulvaney instead. Ivanka Trump, Gina Carano, even the ultra glamorous Melania Trump lost out to Dylan Mulvaney. This is some kind of mutiny. This is leftist propaganda.

Now the magazine in question is a gay publication in the UK, not in America. But for the sake of argument and to watch you lose your mind, we’re gonna pretend they’re a big magazine right here in America. Because it’s funnier that way.

Do you think Dylan should be woman of the year? Did you know who Dylan Mulvaney was before she had a Bud Light can? Men, are you still having feelings about this, not knowing whether to fap, cry or get your pew pews out and shoot beer cans, while fapping? The questions are endless.

We know this. Dylan Mulvaney was declared woman of the year by an obscure magazine in the United Kingdom and you’re gonna be mad about it and say you’re going to cancel your subscriptions and it’s gonna be awesome. God Bless America.


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