The First Amendment is listed first for a reason, and that reason is simple. It is because it is the most important freedom that all other freedoms stem from. Without the ability to speak your mind, you would not have any freedom at all. This greatest amendment prevents companies from telling you what you can or can’t say, which is precisely why they are being sued by the Daughters of the Confederacy organization.

A spokesperson for the organization, Sandy Batt, issued this statement to the press:

“Nascar is in direct violation of our First Amendment right to freedom of speech. You would think such a large organization that employs hundreds of lawyers would understand the Constitution, especially the First Amendment and how it applies to companies.

We have the right to fly our flags. They are beautiful flags and we want to fly them. It’s not even racist. It’s just a battle flag. It reminds me of what Germany did to the swastika. That is a beautiful Native American symbol that is now banned over there. That’s the real racism right there, erasing native American history. It seems liberals have a double standard no matter the country.

That tyranny is coming here folks. We won’t give up our Constitutional rights without a fight!”

This is great news for all that love freedom. Americans everywhere are standing up for their rights. The liberals will lose in court as always, and America will prevail. We have no other choice.


  1. Jon

    IF, and that’s a BIG IF, they can stop the use of the Confederate flag for being offensive the all BLM and Antifa flags and symbols must also be eliminated. They, in fact, offend the majority of Americans.

  2. Anonymous

    Let’s ban all MLK and blk history month as well, if we have to give up our rights!!!

  3. jim brown

    what happened to all that right wing one country one flag b stuff they were just yelling about

  4. Kristy

    Thank you Daughter’s of the Confederacy!!! I guess we are not allowed to have our freedom of speech like the rest of y’all can!!

  5. Anonymous

    Good!! Sue their ass!! Giving in to the few and trying to erase history has gone far enough!!!!!!!!!!

  6. True Patriot

    So confused … the confederate flag is the flag of traitors of the United States of America. Traitors. The people of this flag took up arms against the United States to leave the USA and start their own country . Literally the definition of treason .
    Freedom of speech under the constitution only goes so far … not covered under TREASON. Sure you can “say” anything you want , and if it’s treasonous … you’re gonna be arrested and tried for treason . You are very lucky that is not what’s happening to you.

  7. Ben Dover

    True Patriot then why hasn’t Obummer been arrested ? what he and his cohorts in crime did is considered treason. Spying and trying to overthrow a incoming and sitting president. Your logic is full of shit as are you!!

  8. Judy Turner

    This is fake news. The Sandy Batt is not the spokesperson for the UDC.

  9. Anonymous

    These imbeciles don’t understand that the 1A doesn’t apply here because NASCAR is a business, not the government. Not that anyone who consider themselves citizens should want to fly the flag of slave-owning, traitorous losers. Why, you might as well want to fly a Nazi flag.
    Oh, wait…

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