The 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, is set to meet with the Disney head and it’s board of directors. The meeting will focus on how to guide Disney through its major controversy, and to, in Trump’s own words, “Make Disney Great Again”. The initial meeting will take place at Trump’s Florida residence, Mar-A-Lago, a short 2 and a half hours away in Orlando.

Disney leaders know that President Trump has the ear of Florida governor Ron DeSantis and also the pulse of America. Trump is going to stress that Disney change course and right now, the board is willing to listen and learn from their mistakes. A meeting with Trump is a big deal, and one that Disney cannot blow. The future of the Disney corporation is on the line.

Disney knows of Trump’s moral standings. Whether it’s how to treat women, guests at his own properties, and especially children, they know Trump will not steer them wrong. Just look at the relationship he has with his hot daughter and those other 4 or 5 kids he has that he doesn’t deal with. Tiffany isn’t attractive to Trump, so he barely acknowledges her existence.

One of the Disney board members, Joseph Barron, is excited to meet with the president. “This is quite the opportunity. We could really turn this around, all we have to do will is drop some of our moral fortitude, grab some expletives, and put on silly red hats, and ignorant red necks will be eating out of our hands once again. It’s a win-win” says the jubilant board member.

Any kind of false morals and loose patriotism will have the nation’s most vocal, and least educated just eating right out of their hands. It’s worked for the Republican Party for many years, especially recently with the cousin loving, drunk driving super patriot, “Hot Wheels” Madison Cawthorn. Proof positive that all you have to do in America is wave a flag and say “it’s the liberals” and you’re guaranteed a shot at re-election, no matter how vile you are. God speed, Disney, and God bless America.


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