Don Lemon, the disgraced CNN anchor who said horrible things about women, says he’s only being called a sexist because he’s black.

In a shocking turn of events nobody saw coming, Lemon appeared on MSNBC’s “Meet the Reverend” with Al Sharpton to tell his audience that it was his skin color, not his words, that people have an issue with.

“My blackness is what’s really at issue here,” said Lemon, “If I was white or even Hispanic I’d be able to say what I want. Look at Geraldo Rivera. Justin Timberlake. I have two words for you: Sylvester Freaking Stallone.”

Lemon’s attorney, Joe Barron ESQ, says his client is most likely going to sue the US Justice Department, as well as CNN and its parent company, Worldwide Pants. “WWP has some questions top answer on this,” said Barron, “we’re tired of hearing about how ‘stoic’ Yvonne Strahovski looks in the Handmaid’s Tale. If you think that you’ve never seen full hotness in ‘Chuck.'”

He has a point. She was smokin’ hot in “Chuck.” But then Chuck turned out to be quite the hunky fella, so it’s all good.

CNN responded to Lemon’s accusations by asserting its feelings and validating the newsman’s concerns. There’s a crayon session scheduled between the two to work through the issues moderated by the guy who played Theo Huxtable.

Lemon is just another example of reverse racism in America. Obviously.


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