Taylor Swift’s day just got worse. After the Academy of Country Music cut its ties with her, the Country Music Hall of Fame announced it would remove all of her “bubble gum music” from consideration.

“She tosses a twangy song in here and there to keep her spot in the Academy and the awards coming in,” said Academy Sergeant at Arms Joe Barron, “It doesn’t matter if she deserves it or not. If Taylor Swift gets nominated, Taylor Swift wins.”

Not anymore. Without an Academy membership, there are no awards. Without its blessing, there are no inductions. Swift loses a piece of her legacy she’ll never get back.

“She did it to herself,” said Vince, a guy visiting the museum, “Had she not come out and illegally used her influence to push people into exercising their constitutional right to vote, Trump would have won. It’s that simple. They should have a word for that kind of nonsense.”

The word Vince is looking for, patriots, is “endorsement.” Now…if Swift endorses Joe Biden but he won’t acknowledge the invasion of our southern border, that endorsement is illegal under the insurrection clause. The one they’re trying to use against 45.

Don’t fall for it, patriots. When they say Taylor Swift was so influential that the voter registration website crashed, what they mean to say is, “Taylor Swift convinced a bunch of kids to click something, so they did.”

All this voter registration stuff is bad for democracy, patriots. Just ask Kari Lake. God Bless America.


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