In the history of the United States, there have been many great dual partnerships.  George and Martha Washington.  Lewis and Clark.  Tango and Cash.  But now, at the end of her rope and seemingly entering complete “breakdown” mode, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has put together a new Dynamic Duo of Dum Dums to attempt to undo the undoing of President Trump’s Iranian pollicy.  Chelsea Clinton and Al Gore, who are scheduled to fly via the Speaker’s private jet to Padawan, Iran to renegotiate President Obama’s deal aiming to halt that country’s enrichment of uranium.

Nobody seems worried about the enrichment of Karl Urbanium. Wonder why?

The youngest daughter of former President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary is 39, and a mother of three.  Married just years ago in a secret ceremony to grandson of George Soros, Jack Napier Soros, the former First Daughter has been working tirelessly in her mother’s footsteps to encourage Socialist causes, cover up the truth about the tragedy of Benghazi, and runs the Clinton Foundation, which makes over three hundred trillion dollars a year distributing Chinese knockoff “Avengers” action figures to starving children in Africa.  The “Hulk” figure is called : “Angry Wasabi Punch Punch Hero.”

That’s either Sally Perkings from 2nd grade wearing her face braces, or Sylvester Stallone succumbing to a peanut allergy.

Al Gore, since revealing that he invented the internet, cars, and chocolate, has been continuously grooming himself as the hero of the “climate change” movement, still behest to the radical idea that humans, who live on the planet Earth, are somehow affecting the planet Earth.  Even after being told by over two percent of the world’s scientists with grants from Exxon-Mobile that his science is faulty, Gore maintains that we need to stop emitting carbon or xenon or something, and that the planet is soon to reach an epic temperature shift that may cause incredible heat waves like the one we’re in now, melting of ice caps, which is happening now, and droughts forcing people in farming countries to have to migrate in caravans.  As silly as all this sounds, Gore keeps up, and is the head of his own international news service.

With tensions growing between Iran and the U.S., will this odd couple even be able to make a dent in Iran’s theocracy?  Has Pelosi finally lost what mind she had left, or is this just a bottle of Jack Daniels talking?  Does her private jet charge for headphones, or should Clinton and Gore just bring their own to save the six dollars?  Whatever the answers to these questions are, one thing is for sure : Donald Trump is a racist.


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