Chris Wallace had his first run at a CNN Sunday show, and the results were disastrous. Of all the cable news shows in history, his scored last. Not low or poorly, but dead last.

What does that say about Chris Wallace? It says that the liberals don’t want him, because they consider him complicit in allowing the cult they know as Fox News to flourish and beat them in the ratings for two decades.

It also says that conservatives aren’t willing to watch CNN just because they’re loyal to an ex-Fox host. Wallace, as everyone knows, was a liar and a terrible journalist who refused to back Trump no matter what, which is unacceptable if you’re going to work in conservative media.

CNN says they may need to re-evaluate Wallace’s worth and restructure his contract if things continue to go this poorly, according to our source at the network.

CNN refused our request for comment, saying we weren’t “real news.” pretty ironic coming from them. They did tell us that the entire premise of the story is ridiculous, since Wallace’s show won’t start for months, and it won’t be on cable. Or on a Sunday.

They can’t even get the facts about their own network straight, Patriots. Wallace’s Sunday show on CNN was junk that literally nobody watched. The fact that it didn’t happen is irrelevant. Period.

Go bless America.


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