Californians are known to be lazy, dependent bums, reliant on the government to get by in life. With their massive welfare rolls and millions on food stamps, they are the laziest people in the country.

A new study conducted by the Kenobi Institute shows through verifiable fact, that the Golden State is very much reliant on government handouts, at the local, state, and federal levels.

The headline of this article is actually somewhat misleading. It’s a conservative estimate at best. The real number of Californians dependent on government assistance is not around 55 percent, as our headline suggests, but it’s actually closer to 100 percent.

Accumulated data reveals that ABSOLUTELY EVERY RESIDENT of the State of California is given some form of benefit from the government. Many say this is an exaggeration, but the numbers don’t lie.

The list of benefits accepted by these commies is endless. Accumulated data shows that roads, highways, and sidewalks are used by Californians daily. These are paved using money from government coffers. At some point in each of their lives, every person in that state has or will use fire, police, or ambulance services. Public schools are used by the vast majority of the population there. California seniors routinely collect Social Security and Medicare. Many in the state do not even hide the fact that they have received mail through the U.S. Postal Service. And very few feel any guilt about allowing the courts to dispense justice.

Being the shameless drains on government that they are, Californians admit to these abuses freely. They think it’s not a big deal and they have no remorse about using our tax dollars for their own purposes. That is socialism in a nutshell.


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