Target Stores, one of the largest retailers in America, took a lashing over its Pride celebrations in its stores and online sites. People really spoke their minds and told Target “Enough Is Enough!!”, and it seems, Target is finally listening. Americans have had it with this shoved down their throats. And now Target, after suffering staggering losses, is going to do something about it.

The company went out of its way to celebrate Pride, angering Americans who believe in traditional values. Americans don’t want to see this stuff. And they believe it’s their right to not have to have Pride and LGBT issues and celebrations crammed into every orifice. Things need to change, and good, patriotic God fearing Americans can chalk this one up as a win.

Target is announcing that Pride will no longer be advertised in their stores, online, or anywhere else. That’s right. Target has backed down and listened to the good American people. “We can’t do this to our customers anymore” says Target CEO Joseph Barron, “As a proud American company, we need to align with the values of America, and Pride is certainly not one of them.”

Target started their Pride campaigns back in 2012, every year getting bigger and more “in your face”. 2023 was the straw that broke the camel’s back though, and their customers shopped elsewhere, even ripping down Pride merchandise if they did happen to go into their stores. Those people were lauded as heroes by patriotic Americans. Sales were down 386%. And money talks. So, goodbye Pride at Target Stores!

Americans know all about what freedom is. And that freedom means stopping anyone or anything that they don’t like. And one of those things is Pride and acknowledging that anyone not in lockstep with them is bad and wrong. They will stop at nothing, no matter how ridiculous to pretend other beliefs or ways of life exist. And that’s how it is!

America is a Godly nation, that has morals and values. Not that any of these people actually follow them, they’ll shtup their neighbors if they can get away with it, be vile to anyone they come in contact with, proudly displaying their extreme ignorance, but Pride is a bridge way too far. God Bless those brave patriots, and God Bless America.


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