The Academy of Country Music is the institution that works on behalf of country artists, writers, and producers. It’s the governing body that negotiates the industry’s contracts and represents its interests.

After the Country Music Television Network (CMT) decided to cancel Jason Aldean for writing a song many Americans can relate to, the Academy stepped in and did the same to them.

“It’s time for all Academy members to pull their material from CMT in support of a full boycott,” said ACM President Joe Barron, “The network doesn’t deserve a future.”

CMT has also lost over $100 million in annual advertising revenue after The GAP, Pabst, and McGregor Leather all pulled their campaigns. Go woke go broke.

ALLOD Correspondent Skip Tetheludah reached out to CMT and got an email back from their Director of Moron Relations, Art Tubolls. Tubolls let Skip know that CMT has an approximate annual revenue of $59 million, and that the only truth to the rumors about its advertising is that McGregor leather does indeed sell a bunch of full gimp outfits to country fans who start out with a nice jacket or set of chaps.

“They see those ads we send them privately,” said McGregor CEO Sandy Batt, “and they just can’t help themselves. There’s a whole lot going on in that genre’s world that not a lot of people want to talk about.”

Gay cowboys aren’t exactly new, but gay cowboys in gimp outfits certainly are. God Bless America.


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