ABC has been struggling for years to keep “The View” above water.

The struggling show has seen its ratings decline into single digits recently as Leftists Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar took it from a fun and interesting variety hour to another episode of Rachel Maddow but with older and louder women. The two have contracts that extend into 2028.

Rather than buy them out and cancel the show, which would cost ABC more than $300 million, they sold the entire production to CNN for $400 million. “We think it’s a good fit,” said CNN Executive Director of Vice Presidents Joe Barron, “We have a spot in the mid-afternoon that used to be Chris Cuomo’s.

Now we have that goofy girl with the braid interview Trump supporters with a concerned look on her face. That’s not really working out.”

Barron’s frustration with the network’s shortcomings may be coming to an end, however, as the leftist audience it commands will surely embrace the new team as their own. “I’m uh…looking uh…forward to meeting uh…Whoopi,” said Wolf Blitzer. John King chimed in that he was not really sure how he feels. “So we wait, and we count the votes.”

Whoopi and Joy are both indifferent, according to sources that may or may not be completely credible. “They don’t care, as long as they get paid.”

Have they no shame? No loyalty? CNN is about to find out just how difficult the angriest duo on television is to manage.


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