With the era of wokeness coming to an end, shows that spend all their time focused on social issues rather than comedy or drama are coming to an end with it.

According to ABC, the first casualty is the wokest of the woke: The Conners.

“We have to cancel it before the tide turns and people start boycotting,” said ABC Program Director Joe Barron, “Once that happens and Kid Rock gets involved, it’s basically over.”

The woke movement, which started as a counter-movement to the Tea Party, embraces everything that’s wrong with society, and people are tired of it.

“Not all people,” said ALLOD Social Experimentalator Tara Newhole, “We’ve found that the ‘anti-woke’ crowd tends to lean heavily toward people with Gump-like IQs. Geriatric potatoes who believe having empathy and caring for people other than themselves is worthy of a pejorative descriptor think it’s horrible.”

The show tends to deal with things like LGBTQ issues, mental illness, drug abuse, and dealing with difficult family members. The cast is diverse and talented. In other words, it ain’t Charles in Charge, and that’s what patriots want. Simple, easy-to-watch shows starring washed-up actors who molested their teenage costars.

Good riddance to The Conners, and God Bless America.


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