Country music superstar Jason Aldean really hit the big time with his mega hit “Try That In A Small Town”. The song and accompanying music video went mega viral. And country fans and patriots loved it, but it did come with its detractors.

With all of the praise from country music fans, the American people who love this country and even President Trump himself, there was major backlash from the left and liberals who hate anything that is American and promotes freedom. It’s sad really.

Strange things have been happening around Jason Aldean and his concerts, so he decided to add more security against the leftists. There is nothing wrong with protecting yourself from threats from the left and ANTIFA. So that’s what he’s done. Jason is a national treasure.

First it was a mass shooting in Las Vegas. Then it was heat stroke In Connecticut from playing golf. Then it was a tornado in Massachusetts. It’s obvious that God is a liberal and hates Jason Aldean. We totally get the sentiment, Lord.

Whether it’s cheating on his first wife with a younger woman, making barely listenable music, being a trump nut or this latest excretion called “Small Town”, it’s certain that the leftist force of God Almighty is trying to get Mr Aldean.

We spoke to a master of theology about this. Joseph Barron of the university of Boise, Religious Studies laid it all out. “God obviously hates Jason Aldean and his music. The Lord is obviously trying to tell Mr Aldean something and he has yet to get the message”. Apparently God voted for Biden.

What’s evident is strange things are happening around Jason Aldean and if you’re a believer in a higher power, you have to admit that higher power is trying to get Aldean’s attention.  God bless America.


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